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Usually puberty in boys is completed until 15-18 years and since then they begin worrying about issues relevant to men of all ages - the ED - problem. Probably there is no man, who has not faced such a failure at least once. Somebody accepts it, for others such a case becomes a reason for severe and prolonged depression. But not everybody knows the reason of its occurrence.

Failures in the private life of men are often called impotence. Impotence is a condition in which a man under the undefined circumstances is unable to have sex. Fortunately, it occurs not very often. Problems which are occurring accidentally or occasionally are called erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is caused by such reasons as: endocrine, medicamental, neurologic, local and vascular. It all refers to the organic form of ED, which is caused by some disorder or change in the male body. The psychological forms of erectile dysfunction, in which a normal sexual life interferes with neuropsychiatric features of man, are the most common.

Some types of medicines may cause side effects on erectile function of the male body. Serious problems with erectile dysfunction due to the violation of hormonal mechanism can be caused by hormonal drugs that block the action of androgens, as well as female sex hormones medicines. Such kind of medicine is prescribed only in case of severe forms of disease like a prostate cancer.

Other medicamental drugs influencing an erection include substances with a depressing effect on the cerebral cortex. Mainly alcohol and drugs have an influence on cerebrum and cause inanition of the body organism, which does contribute neither to erectile function nor to the reproduction. That is why it is required to stop the intake of the drug for the restoration of normal erection.

The unwillingness of men to go to the hospital with such problems is a major problem for the doctors nowadays. Unfortunately, sometimes the doctors are not able to provide a full treatment in cases of organic forms of erectile disorder and to cure from the underlying disease, which have led to complications with erection. In such a situation, the symptomatic treatment is conducted, which aims to restore the ability of a man to have a normal erection.

A number of drugs, increasing the general body tone, blood pressure, general tonic action and containing vitamins and minerals, contribute indirectly to the increase of the intensity of the blood flow in the penis vessels. That makes it possible to use them in order to get rid of erectile dysfunction.

These drugs include extracts and tinctures of ginseng, eleutherococcus, rhaponticum, golden root, devil's-club, arallii and pantocrine.

The only drugs, which are proved by clinical trials that significantly increase the blood flow in the genitalia, are yohimbe and the famous Viagra online. These drugs are the great outbreak in the ED-treatment, but, unfortunately, they cannot help all patients (the effectiveness of Viagra, for example, is only 75%) yet.

A man, who faces ED for the first time, should consult a doctor and get an appropriate treatment. If doctor prescribed a medicamental treatment and you don't know what drug to chose - Trial packs are beneficial option.