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What Is A Generic Drug

What is Generic Drug?

Generic is a drug with the proven pharmaceutical, biological and therapeutic equivalence to the original one. It means that it has the same chemical formula, dosage and effectiveness as the original drug, but has no patent protection.

The development of original drugs requires a lot of years, huge financial investments and qualified workers. After the development of the medicine, promotion and acquisition of patent requires some time. Pharma companies have the right to reproduce the medicine after the expiry of patent protection. That is how the generics are born.

It may differ from the original drug by the composition of adjuvants. Usually it is placed on the market after the expiry of patent protection for the original drug. A necessary requirement for the sale of generics is a proven biological, pharmaceutical and therapeutic equivalence to the original.

Production of generic medicines in comparison to the patented antetype requires fewer costs. That is why their price by a total coincidence of medicinal properties gains more customers, which is an important and obvious advantage.

All generic drugs have one common feature: only the active ingredients are copied into their composition. There are cases when their concentration is higher than in the original one, but it is less effective. This can be construed by several factors.

For example, by the development of original drug the manufacturer is trying to improve product quality in order to win the market, but for the production of generics this point is not necessary. That is why the effectiveness of the drug can be reduced greatly.

Another factor is the interaction between the active ingredient and adjuvants. During the development of the original medicine a great importance is given to it, because the presence of any chemical element can reduce or even completely neutralize the effect of the drug. In case of the generics production, it is rarely taken into account.

The last point is the stable chemical compound. For example, the original drug can be stored in the room temperature and the generic should be stored in the fridge, because its pharmacological properties can decrease significantly or even disappear.

The dynamic development of pharma market is not surprising. By reducing the expenses on obtaining patents and permits, pharma companies have focused on enhancing of production and introduction of the new technologies. It was necessary to apply certain marketing steps for better sales.

One of these steps was the invention of generic drugs, which have a slightly different effect in the onset and duration of an action. That is how generics of Levitra 20mg and Cialis online were invented. Each customer is allowed to choose the most suitable option.

Generics are handled by different companies and many of them value their reputation. That’s why if you are going to buy a generic drug instead of the original one, pay attention to the company. Sometimes one original drug has a couple of generic medicines produced by different companies and can differ both storage conditions and chemical composition, so you should choose the drug that is as close as possible by characteristics to the original one.