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Generic Vs Brand Drugs

Generic vs Brand drugs

Generics are unpatented medicines and do not differ in the composition of the patented active substance of the original medicine, the patent of which is expired. The generic medication differs from the original one in its quantitative and qualitative composition of adjuvants and other factors.

The active substance is written on the packaging in a small print and this is a substance that mostly has a therapeutic effect. Pharmaceutical companies conduct tests, carried out on the actual production of new drugs, and then for some period of time (depending on the country - 10-25 years) have the exclusive right to sell new drugs. Any release of medicines earlier is something like piracy in the implementation of counterfeit videos and music.

Once the patent is expired, any firm can use the active ingredient of the drug for the original development of their own medicine. Typically, manufacturers of generic drugs (for example, Cialis Super Active 20mg) are not particularly overthinking about the formula and try to make a complete analogue of patented drug, replacing expensive adjuvants for cheaper. In addition, the production of cheaper packaging and replacement of letters in its title are the most popular ways to get cheap drugs with approximately similar effects on the human’s body. The scheme is simple, and it allows earning some money. That is why such kind of a scheme is more appreciated by the manufacturers in China and India. These countries serve as a basis for all well-known factories for the production of generics.

In recent years, the manufacturers of original medicines observe the popularity and income from analog drugs. That is why they start to produce generics by themselves after the patent expiration and choose countries with a cheaper labor. It is the most preferable option. The company does not want to spoil its reputation by producing bad-quality generics.

On the market you can find two types of medicines:

  • Fake medication. When the main ingredient is replaced by another one, less efficient and cheaper. The consequences are not lethal, but still, some health problems may occur.
  • Copies. These are the medicines, which infringe the patent protection. It means that the manufactures of these medicines do not even try to change the name of the original drug and sell their generics at the price of branded drug.

Now the difference between generics and branded drugs is clearer. If generic medicines are made under the strict control of pharma companies, which has created the original drug, one can surely buy a cheaper version. Of course all the aspects concerning social class of the patient should be mentioned in the prescription. It is better to prescribe a branded drug in order to get certain results, but only rich people can afford it. For people with small income it is better to prescribe generics, which are more accessible for them. So, for the better treatment you should buy only quality medicines, like Brand Levitra online that are prescribed by a doctor.