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Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

The lack of penile erection in men is called impotence. It results in the impossibility to conduct a sexual intercourse.

The erectile dysfunction is divided into two types: the primary and the secondary. There are some rare cases when a man can never conduct an intercourse in his life and they are referred to the primary or congenital type of ED. The secondary and the most common type is when a man had no problems in sexual life, but then suddenly something happened.

Mostly, men complain of a weak erection, which does not allow having a sexual intercourse. Sometimes even a fairly strong erection can occur, but with an attempt to get closer, it quickly disappears.

The erectile dysfunction can be caused by various factors and only a specialist can understand which reasons have caused it. This has nothing to do with the cases, in which a single ED was caused by the lack of sleep or fatigue and, after some rest, the performance efficiency of penis is fully restored. Firstly, metabolic properties of sex hormones or psychological problems were considered to be the main causes of ED, but now it is clear that the psychological factor influences the disease development, but the organic changes in the erection mechanism are the main reason.

The psychological factor, which is one of the reasons of ED includes: emotional stress, nervous tension and other serious disorders like anxiety, phobias, depression etc.

The potency can be affected by many medicines such as drugs, alcohol and other factors. Smoking is one of the contributing factors of ED. Besides, such following features of the lifestyle as lack of mental and physical excess loads, sedentary work, dietary habits and clothing also can influence it.

If the erectile dysfunction has a psychogenic character, the treatment should include some pieces of therapist’s advice and physical therapy techniques.

The ED treatment caused by organic disorders begins with correction which includes the following examinations:

  • analysis of hormone levels
  • testing of lipid pattern
  • blood sugar analysis
  • doppler sonography of penis vessels and/or prostate cancer
  • exercise stress test

If any abnormalities after these examinations are determined, the next step is the hormone replacement therapy which normalizes not only the potency, but also cardiac function, pressure, weight and blood values.

Vascular disorders, leading to sexual disorder, are revealed by modern diagnostic techniques such as a suprasonic doppler sonography. Modern techniques allow determining qualitative and quantitative indicators of blood supply to the genitalia.

The well-known aphrodisiacs were replaced by widely advertised Brand Viagra 100mg, which is used to treat this particular problem. The intake of Viagra can cause side effects, among which the mildest is a change of color perception when everything becomes blue. More serious consequences include facial flushing, headache and worsening of heart disease. That is why the intake of Viagra or any other similar pills or generics, like Generic Cialis Soft 20 mg online, without consulting a doctor is forbidden.